I'm Julie Harris,

a passionate photographer who started out in the field from being inspired by the beautiful photos posted on that new-fangled thing called Pinterest, back in the early 2000's. I love finding the beauty in every day moments; the way a beam of afternoon light shines through an old window, or the way a child's eyes brighten and nose crinkles when they find something genuinely funny.

A few ways to describe me would be: mother, friend, wedding day sounding board, bouquet + train holder, baby whisperer and candid moment catcher :)

I'm a mother to my 5yr old son who makes every day worthwhile and gives me motivation to keep my creative energy flowing. According to one of those online tests, I'm an extroverted introvert. Meaning, my social battery has a shorter lifespan than some, but a longer lifespan than other's. I enjoy gardening, being crafty, camping and hiking trips. I'm a bit of a history nerd and I really love tacos ;)